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Friday, August 30, 2013

Busan Slut Walk Sat. Aug. 31, 6-7 PM, Seomyeon

TONIGHT! Busan Slut Walk Sat. Aug. 31, 6-7 PM, Seomyeon
This flyer was created by the event's organizers: Don't Do That 
I am writing today about cause that is dear to my heart - women's safety and changing ideas about sex crimes. Women who fall victim to sex crimes are often blamed as having played party to the attack for their style of dress or appearance. In other words, if you dress like a slut you deserve it, you deserve violence.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Women (and men) are attacked in sex crimes - rape, assault, molestation - whether they are dressed proactively or not. The issue is not what people are wearing, it's that these crimes exist and that the victims are blamed, in part, for those these crimes taking place.
TONIGHT! Busan Slut Walk Sat. Aug. 31, 6-7 PM, Seomyeon
This flyer was created by the event's organizers: Don't Do That 
In protest of those ideas, the Busan team of the organization Don’t Do That (성범죄인식개선캠페인 돈두댓) is hosting a Slut Walk, an event where women and supportive men gather together and walk in protest of the idea that women's dress puts them at risk for sexual violence. 

Please note that unlike Slut Walk events held in other areas, the organizers this event are asking attendees to dress conservatively. This event has been organized by and for Korean women, so I think it best to mind their request. Also, if you will be attending to take photos, often people will wear ribbons on their arms to indicate that they don't want their face photographed. I am not sure if this will be in place tonight or not.

If you want to join, please meet in front of Judie's Taehwa, Exit 1 at 6 PM. You can find more detailed information in English on The Grand Narrative, where further links for Korean information are provided. It's a great website and definitely worth a look through. Hey, it's where I found this info!

Another post to follow the event! Sorry this is so brief. I will try to provide more details, context and criticism following the event.