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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Nightlights in Nampo-dong

When many people think of holiday lights in Korea, they often imagine the festive lights at Seoul's Myeong-dong Cathedral, or the Christmas display inside the lobby of Itaewon's Hilton Hotel. For those of us living or visiting further south, Busan's Nampo-dong offers a beautiful annual holiday display called 'The Christmas Tree Cultural Festival,' and it draws crowds for both shopping and photos from December through early January. 

Busan's Christmas Tree Cultural Festival in Nampo-dong
Lights begin at the entrance of Gwangbok-ro, or Fashion Street, just outside exit 5 of the Nampo subway station (Line 1, Red, Stop #111). A 30-minute leisurely stroll will take you past over 100 shops and the escalator entrance to Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower, before finishing at Gukje Market, where you can reward yourself with a well-earned snack from a street vendor.

Entrance to Gwangbok-ro or Fashion Street
and the Christmas Tree Cultural Festival 


The trees light up around 6 or 7 PM and turn off at midnight. This year the festival ran from December 1st though January 9th. Many events and activities can be enjoyed in the early evenings, and especially on weekends, including live music performances, portrait artist booths, photo zones, and holiday snack booths. I went to see the lights three times this year! 

Admiring the lights
The Christmas Tree Cultural Festival (부산크리스마스트리문화축제) website can be accessed here

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