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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Korea Blog - CHOOSE ME!

Dear Korea Blog,

I know my blog might not look like much, but I made it in just one day so that I too can be a Korea Blogger!

I am perfect for your blog. I am dedicated, passionate, and responsible. I am well-travelled and insightful, and I am hard-working. I understand the responsibility you will be giving me, and I am so excited to take it!

I make daily updates to Facebook, and update my Twitter several times a day. I have been writing about Korea for two years, and now I want to write for the Korea blog.

If you look at my post on the Korea Clickers Facebook page, you will see that many people have "liked" it. That is because they know I am the best person for the job. You will also notice that I am by far the most active new applicant on the Korea Clickers Facebook page.

So choose me, Korea Blog. You won't regret it!


Jessica on Facebook
Jessica on Twitter

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