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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Day for WKB Selection

Dear Korea Blog,

It's the last day to select this year's World Korea Bloggers (WKBs). And I say pick me.

I have visited your Facebook site and the Korea Blog everyday since entering this contest. I am by far the most active applicant in terms of comments, wall posts, and "likes." My application wall post on your Facebook page has garnered 29 "likes"! As you can see, I am very active in social media, and exactly the kind of person you want for The Korea Blog.

I'm currently on vacation, and I've managed to blog, make online photo albums, and "tweet" on Twitter during my entire trip. I am committed, and clearly up to the task of working as a WKB.

I'm trained in fine arts and art history, and I live in Busan. I am the perfect person to write about the exciting art events that so few are writing about - The Busan Art Biennale, BIFF, and everything art-related down on the South coast!

So on this last day of selection, please choose me Korea Blog. I've worked the hardest to earn it, and I will continue working hard.

Thank you!

Fingers crossed,

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